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Alexander Skarsgard met up with Swedish actress Alicia Vikander in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden, yesterday. Alexander is back in his home country after finishing up filming for True Blood ... Alexander Skarsgård is rumoured to have hooked up with Alicia Vikander (2014), Margot Robbie (2014), Charlize Theron (2012), Elizabeth Olsen (2012) and Anne Vyalitsyna (2012).. About. Alexander Skarsgård is a 44 year old Swedish Actor. Born Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård on 25th August, 1976 in Stockholm, Sweden, he is famous for Eric Northman on True Blood. nicole kidman hit alexander skarsgard's prosthetic cock with a tennis racket this is the best scene ive ever seen — em (@cxmathison) March 27, 2017 Some were, sort of, speechless — and assumed ... Alexander Skarsgard’s Girlfriend. Alexander Skarsgard is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Alexander had at least 13 relationship in the past. Alexander Skarsgard has not been previously engaged. He is the oldest of his five siblings and also has two half-brothers. Amongst his siblings are actors Bill, Gustaf, Valter and Sam Skarsgard. On 25-8-1976 Alexander Skarsgård (nickname: Askars) was born in Stockholm, Sweden. He made his 12 million dollar fortune with True Blood. The actor is currently single, his starsign is Virgo and he is now 44 years of age. Visit our partner site. The logomark and logotype for the Kitchn brand. Kitchn is a source of inspiration for a happier, healthier life in your kitchen. ... News. Alexander Skarsgard Eyes A Brooklyn Fixer Upper. by Marni Epstein-Mervis. published Jan 21, 2018. Save Comments. We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our ... Caption: Alexander Skarsgard with his ex-girlfriend Kate Bosworth (Photo: Just Jared) Until July 2011, he has a romantic relationship with Alexa Chung. The former couple has dated four years with Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex and broke up in the year 2017. Like most celebrities, Alexander Skarsgard tries to keep his personal and history life private, so check back often as we will continue to update this page with new dating news and rumors. Alexander Skarsgard girlfriends: He engaged at least 13 relationship previously. Alexander Skarsgård. Alexander Skarsgard has not been previously engaged. Alexander Skarsgard reveals his plans to start a family after denying rumours that he is set to tie the knot with model girlfriend Alexa Chung ... When quizzed about what he looks for in a partner ... Alexander Skarsgard's Wiki: Daughter,Girlfriend,Wife,Net Worth,Tattoo. If you're a lover of 'Zoolander,' you have to have watched Alexander Skarsgard. You may have also observed him 'The Legend of Tarzan. ' Skarsgard is a Swedish actor who's famous for his operation in high box office films. Alexander Skarsgard was created in Stockholm. His dad Stellan Skarsgard is also


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Hello! I'm in search of a rp partner to help me fulfill my needs of an incest related rp plot. I consider myself an experience writer. I love detail and getting inside a character's head and emotions. I do paragraph role-play, ranging from 500-1000 word per post. I like rp on JCINK platform type forums or we could do DM, your choice. I play strictly heterosexual males and I really want to do a sistebrother type plot. I have a few in mind that I'd like to explore, both canon and original.
First the canons.
ASOUE KlausXViolet
I'd like to explore their relationship as young teens and play out a soft and fluffy sort of romantic plot with them. I have seen the movie but I am currently watching the tv series on Netflix and would be down for playing with those actors on there (as they are 18+ now I believe)
Wizards of Waverly Place AlexXjustin
We all saw the chemistry there, but I digress. I would love to play them in any part of the show but have them pursue a secret romantic relationship, full of bickering and angst.
The Mortal Instruments JaceXClary
But this time they are actually brother and sister, and explore how they work through that shame etc to be together.
There's probably other brothesister canon relationships I can think of but those are it for now.
As for original plots I'd love to do a Flowers in the Attic type plot where the siblings have gone thru some shared trauma and are now getting closer than normal because of it.
I love to play dominant males and submissive males, just let me know which you prefer. Some of my favorite faces to use are: Bill Skarsgard, Dylan O'Brien and many more.
I'll PM you my DM if you are interested.
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2018.03.20 04:13 Darren716 Post Raw 3/19/2018 Show Discussion Thread

Winner Match Finish Loser Stipulation
Asuka Count-Out Alexa Bliss
Braun Strowman Running Powerslam Cesaro
The Revival Shatter Machine Titus Worldwide w/ Dana Brooke
Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose w/ Paige Side Kick Bayley and Sasha Banks
Balor, Anderson, and Gallows School boy roll-up The Miztourage
Matt Hardy Twist of Fate Bray Wyatt The Ultimate Deletion
  • Kickoff with Kurt Angle who says he has to start off with some bad news, Roman is still suspended and won't be there tonight, and that Brock Lesnar is not at the arena yet but will make it to Raw. He then talks about Braun Strowman winning the tag team battle royal by himself last week but is interupted when Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd and into the ring. Angle asks him what he's doing and informs him that he's trespassing. Roman says he doesn't care because Brock hasn't been there for week and someone needs to represent the main event of Wrestlemania. Angle says he understand why Roman is upset but he'll have to make his complaints on his own time. Roman protests being suspended for telling the truth. Angle reassures Roman that he'll get his shot at Brock at Wrestlemania and that he should save up his anger for then. Roman says he understands but doesn't care, he wants Angle to go to the back and tell them that Roman isn't leaving until he gets his hands on Brock. Angle leaves and Roman grabs a chair to sit down in the ring. US marshals come down to the ring to confront Reigns and arrest him. Roman begrudgingly allows himself to be handcuffed and is being escorted out but starts to fight the marshals once they try to touch him. He beats up the three trained law enforcement officers, while handcuffed, when Brock's music hits and Lesnar finally appears! Roman tries to defend himself with a steel chair but is quickly suplexed and Brock assaults him with the chair. Brock continues the beat down with more suplexes and chair shots, leaves the ring for a short time but returns for one final round of assault. He is about to leave again but returns to deliver and F5 to a helpless Roman. Lesnar leaves for real as a stretcher is sent out to collect the remains of Roman. As Roman is being wheeled out off Lesnar returns once again and pushes over the stretcher and taunts Reigns. After the break Roman is shown being loaded into an Ambulance.
  • Alexa Bliss comes out and tries to backpedal on her comments about Nia last week, saying her and Mickie were just joking. She says that she got carried away and apologizes to Nia. She channels her inner Jeff Jarret and says she's sorry, sorry that she didn't say it earlier! Alexa says that she loved seeing Nia get humiliated in front of the entire world and is glad that she was able to just tell the truth about using her. She calls Nia dumb again and is glad she got all this off her chest, and that she dropped 300 pound of sad pathetic loser. Now without Nia hanging around she can focus on ending Asuka's streak. As Alex and Mickie try to leave after the count-out, Nia runs out and quickly takes out Mickie. Alexa tries to escape but Nia grabs her until Mickie provides a distraction. Alexa escapes through the crowd while Nia gives chase,
  • Alexa goes to Angle and asks for Nia to be arrested. Angle says he is through being pushed around and that he is disgusted with Alexa's actions since she should be a role model, not a bully and makes a match between Nia Jax and Alexa for the Raw Women's Championship at Wrestlemania.
  • Braun Strowman comes out and talks about winning the tag team battle royal by himself last week, giving him a path to Wrestlemania, but he first must find a partner. Braun says he doesn't need a partner, and claims he could win the titles by himself. The Bar interrupts and Sheamus says he's out of his mind and that throwing people out of the ring is nothing compared to beating the best team in the WWE. Cesaro explains that being a great team doesn't happen overnight, you have to eat, train, and sleep together. Sheamus says he doesn't care who Braun's partner is, The Bar will be leaving Wrestlemania as the tag champs. Braun tells them to shut up which Sheamus takes offense to, saying Brock's beating to Roman will be nothing compared to their beating they'll be giving them. Braun tells them they should worry that he will have a partner and that he has a match against either one of them right now.
  • Matt Hardy welcomes us into his home where Queen Rebecca plays the piano as Senor Benjamin, King Maxell, and Lord Wolfgang watch. Matt says he does all this for them and he asks Vangaurd 1 to scan the compound for an intruder. He gives the orders to Senor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield for deletion!
  • After their victory the Revival say there is no better tag team than them to challenge for the titles at Wrestlemania. But if Braun Strowman wants to enter their world, they'll enter his and they announce themselves as the first entrants into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.
  • Before her tag match with Bayley Sasha says she was taught that if you have a problem with someone you need to talk to them head on. Sasha explains that at Elimination Chamber she was just trying to win, while Bayley's betrayals the past two weeks were not even for a victory, but she forgives Bayley and extends a hand. Bayley gets on the mic and says she acted on impulse during their tag match, and helped Sasha win her match last week but left right after because of what she did at the Elimination Chamber. She says she understands that Sasha needed to win but the fact that she smirked and enjoyed kicking Bayley off the pod is what ate away at her. Bayley asks her if she's her friend why was it so easy for her to knock her down. Absolution interrupts, and Paige says Mandy and Sonya will show them how real women handle things.
  • John Cena comes out to get an answer from the Undertaker after his challenge last week. He says this is not your typical Raw because everything is bigger in Texas and saws tonight we will find out the Undertaker's response. He says it is ridiculous that the Undertaker thing he no longer belongs, as long as the WWE exists, the Undertaker's name holds meaning. Cena takes a survey of the crowd who naturally all cheer for the match. Cena hypes up the crowd but says that Undertaker's response has been complete silence, and that is the biggest mistake he has ever made. Cena says he doesn't care if he fights Taker or not but to not even give an answer is disrespectful to every fan who has ever cheered for him or cared about the streak. Without the fans there would be no Undertaker. Cena says that after all the fans gave Undertaker can't even give them a yes or a no, if he's retired say no and people will understand, but if he isn't just say yes and give the world what they want. John says Taker isn't the god the fans made him he is just a man who is a coward. He repeats it and calls Undertaker a coward again and challenges him to prove him wrong. He doesn't even need a yes or no, he'll settle for any of Taker's mind games. As the crowd chants for something then dies down Cena says that was the moment when everyone gave up on him, he isn't a god and he shouldn't even call himself a man. To Cena's surprise Kane comes out and John asks him if he has Undertaker's answer and pushes the mic to him. Kane instead just Chokeslams Cena.
  • Matt Hardy seeks guidance from a giraffe with the soul of George Washington.
  • Miz is in the ring and says he is fed up with not being respected after not being on any of the Wrestlemania promotional material. Guys like AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar not only get to be promoted, they get singles matches while he is stuck in a triple threat. Miz asks again if he's the bad guy? Just because the fans buy Balor and Rollin's merchandise doesn't mean they are good guys, deep down they resent each other. Miz says at Wrestlemania he is going to push Tyler Black and Prince Nevitt (sp) back down to the bingo halls where they can too-sweet each other as much as they want.
  • After the 6-man tag the Miztourage beat down Balor Club, before Miz is able to deliver a Skull Crushing Finale to Finn Seth makes the save and Crubstomps Miz.
  • Matt takes a trip out on the Lake of Reincarnation on Skarsgard.
  • John Cena will face Kane next week, finally a dream match years in the making!
  • Video package show casing Ronda Rousey's history from her Olympic wins to her UFC career. She says that just because she's a woman doesn't mean she can't be confidence. She talks about how she felt there was nothing left after her final UFC fight and how her husband told her she's more than just a fighter. She says she isn't afraid to care now, she needed to be miserable before to be happy now and says being in the WWE is her dream come true. Rousey says she was always meant to be at Wrestlemania and it all has led to this.
  • Just find the entirety of the Ultimate Deletion somewhere and watch it, words won't be able to do it justice.
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Alexander Skarsgard Girlfriend 2020: Dating History & Exes ...

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  10. Watch Alexander Skarsgard Try to Make Brother Bill Jump at ...

13 Girls Alexander Skarsgard Has Dated Subscribe to The Spectacle: In This Vide... Thursday, June 28, 2018: Alexander Skarsgard was dressed down, in gray work pants and a black t-shirt, attempting and failing to keep a low profile at LAX. T... Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman reveal their REAL birth names - The Graham Norton Show BBC - Duration: 4:40. BBC 13,246,706 views Watch as Alexander Skarsgard attempts to sneak up on his brother, Bill Skarsgard, at the “It” premiere in Los Angeles. Subscribe now for the latest Daily Hol... Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård (recently in HBOs drama series 'Generation Kill' and vampy hit show 'True Blood' ) in a Swedish movie from 2000. Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard take an exclusive look at The Legend of Tarzan while playling This or That. Subscribe to the HBO YouTube Channel: https... (21 Feb 2019) JACK MCBRAYER AND ALEXANDER SKARSGARD CHAT ABOUT THEIR UNUSUAL FRIENDSHIP Actors Jack McBrayer and Alexander Skarsgard became friends after dis... Alexander Skarsgård stops by to discuss his new film ‘The Kill Team’ on #EWLIVE with Dalton Ross & Jessica Shaw on SiriusXM 109. Subscribe to http://bit.l... The 'Big Little Lies' star chatted about playing husband and wife with the incredibly handsome actor. Between 'Big Little Lies' and 'The Kill Team,' Alexander Skarsgård has established himself as one of Hollywood's most chilling villains — here's how he is ab...