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Shemar Franklin Moore (born April 20, 1970) is an American actor and former fashion model. His notable roles are that of Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless from 1994 to 2005, Derek Morgan on CBS's Criminal Minds from 2005 to 2016, and as the third permanent host of Soul Train from 1999 to 2003. Shemar Franklin Moore is an American actor and former fashion model. His notable roles are that of Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless from 1994 to 2005, Derek Morgan on CBS’s Criminal Minds from 2005 to 2016, and as the third permanent host of Soul Train from 1999 to 2003. 10 Facts Shemar Moore: Single or Dating 2020. Shemar Moore is a popular actor. He was born on April 20, 1970. By now, he is 50 years old. Also, the man is Taurus by zodiac. Moore is a renowned man and has a Wikipedia. Moreover, his certain bio details are easily available online. Many people may know Shemar Moore from his work on The Youn and the Restless or Criminal Minds.The former fashion model has appeared in a number of television shows, and in 2017, he became the ... Shemar Moore’s dating life did a 180 in 2017 when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live alongside former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks. After looking lovey-dovey, flirty-flirty, and even kissy-kissy with each other, everybody assumed it was a love connection. Who is Shemar Moore dating? Shemar Moore is currently single, according to our records.. The American TV Actor was born in Oakland, CA on April 20, 1970. He gained fame for playing Derek Morgan in the CBS drama Criminal Minds and for being the host of Soul Train from 1999 to 2003.

Production Q: Was the finale really the finale they intended?

2020.03.01 18:06 zer0ace Production Q: Was the finale really the finale they intended?

I’m sure I’m not the only one to think this, but can anyone share insights or sources on which episodes are filmed when?
The reason I ask is because I suspect the finale we saw wasn’t totally what the show runners intended to deliver, or maybe I’m just too sentimental to accept this finale. I get that realistically it would be difficult to bring Mandy Patinkin or Thomas Gibson back on how they left the show, but Shemar Moore’s absence (who has made an appearance since departing iirc) seems suspicious. It makes me wonder if some of the finale filming was rushed or suddenly changed when the production team found out they had 10 episodes for a final season (or perhaps that they had a final season at all), and they didn’t have time to book the folks they would have loved.
I know episode air dates get moved around, and I have a theory that Saturday and Date Night were meant to be closer to actual ‘finale’ than aired. They were super goofy, campy fan service type episodes that are much lighter in tone than the others, ones that seem appropriate at the end of the series.
Plus, to me it makes much more sense that Reid meets his therapist AFTER the finale events with the Chameleon (or at the very least, it still works). IMO this explains why Max isn’t at the BAU party: canonically this was intended to happen /before/ Date Night. I think Rosa is mentioned at the finale party, so the party does happens after Saturday. At that point, Max wouldn’t have developed the depth of connection from Date Night that would warrant her appearance at the party. Also, the fact she isn’t even mentioned or hinted at when Reid meets Maeve in his dream makes me wonder whether she had already been introduced when that sequence was written.
I feel like Rossi with his Chameleon case board!! I think that the writers had to splice in arcs from abandoned episodes to make sure all characters got their closures, but some of it just didn’t feel super complete. To sum up, this is what I suspect was supposed to happen:
Overall I think In an ideal world, the true final season would have been episodes like Date Night or Ghost, where the team confronts ghosts from seasons past. I will have to rewatch the final season to confirm my theories... or just get over the denial that it ended at all!
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2020.02.20 06:27 fangirl005 Thoughts on finale?

I can’t begin to tell you how much Criminal Minds means to me, and I am so sad to say that I am disappointed with the finale. The best part of it was the cast’s last look into the camera when they were in the elevator. 😭
-WHERE WAS MAX? What was the point of her character at all? I don’t understand why she wasn’t at the party with Spencer when there were random people in the back.
-I think I’m in the minority, but Luke asking Penelope out on a date felt odd. I didn’t see any romantic chemistry between them at all.
-I’m surprised that Penelope was the one to leave the team when she was always the one wanting to keep the family together. She never mentioned wanting to leave the BAU until the end and it felt a little out of character to see her go.
-The flashback scene to the first season was odd. I knew there was a very slim chance that Shemar Moore or Thomas Gibson would come back, but the flashback of them was a disappointing way to see their story end. Hotch was such a huge part of the show and for his character to get written out so sloppily is annoying. Are we really supposed to believe that Derek wouldn’t be at Penelope’s goodbye party?
-I wish we had more mention of Emily’s love interest. He had very little screen time or mentions, then him and Emily are buying property together?
-No mention of Kate Callahan?
Please be respectful of my opinions and each other’s. Criminal Minds is a show that I hold near and dear to my heart, and I simply wanted to share my thoughts.
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2019.12.17 16:59 jaysjep2 Jeopardy! recap for Tue., Dec. 17

Introducing today's contestants:
Dagmar took first place on DD2 and maintained the advantage into FJ with $16,600 vs. $13,800 for Rodolfo and $4,400 for champ Kirby.
DD1, $800 - CHILDREN'S BOOKS - In 1943 the L.A. Times said this "tale of a little boy from a very little asteroid" was "so big with meaning" (Rodolfo won $3,000 from his leading total of $5,000.)
DD2, $800 - FINAL RESTING PLACES - The tombs of Machiavelli & Michelangelo can be found in this city's Basilica of Santa Croce (Dagmar gained the lead by adding $6,000 to her score of $10,400 vs. $14,600 for Rodolfo.)
DD3, $1,600 - TONY AWARD WINNERS - In 2017 this actress won a Tony for "Lillian Hellman's The Little Foxes", but in 2018 she did not win a race for N.Y. governor (Dagmar dropped $3,000 from her total of $19,600 vs. $13,800 for Rodolfo.)
FJ - MILESTONES IN U.S. HISTORY - Congress declared September 6, 2008 Louisa Swain Day because Louisa did this in Wyoming on that date in 1870
Rodolfo and Kirby were correct on FJ. Rodolfo added $4,999 to win with $18,799.
Clue selection strategy: Future contestants, after DD2 has been picked and there's only one other category remaining with high-value clues, go directly to those clues. It doesn't matter how you feel about the category.
TV troubles: A clip with Shemar Moore didn't lead the players to CBS reboot S.W.A.T., and no one guessed the reality competition that went live coast-to-coast for voting purposes is "American Idol".
Correct Qs: DD1 - What is "The Little Prince"? DD2 - What is Florence? DD3 - Who is Cynthia Nixon? FJ - What is vote?
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2019.05.04 02:15 RoughOutside Me [30 M] with my gf [30 F] 5 years, keeps calling me racist?

Keeping this short, my gf keeps calling me racist. For reference she has only dated black guys before(I'm white and so is she) which believe me she has made VERY clear. When Idris Elba or Shemar Moore comes on TV all she does is swoon over them. Don't get me wrong, they are handsome men. I mean I would for sure fall for them too if I was gay but I'm not(I mean maybe I am? lmao) but still it annoys the shit out of me how much she keeps talking about how great black men are.
When I've brought this up with her in a calm manner "hey babe I'm not really comfortable how much you keep feening over these guys" she calls me racist. How am I racist when I want my girlfriend to be into me and not some dude on TV? I've even made it clear it had nothing to do with race but the fact that she keeps bringing it up tells me she's only into me for other reasons and not because she actually cares. She can be really sweet but when it comes to black men I swear she could drown someone in her pants and it's really making me uncomfortable. Before she met me she was only with black guys and not that this is related in any way but she told me she was only into black guys with "daddy issues" in that the dad was never around and they had some sort of problem with them. What the hell? I have no "family issues" of my own and I think she thought of me as a "safe option". What should I do here? I told her to go to her parents place for a bit and think of what she wants from our relationship but I'm afraid she might succumb to her desires and cheat on me. I'm considering leaving her over this. What do?
tl;dr is title what do?
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2019.03.23 17:17 IceFaery12 Hello there...

Hello. First, thank you for clicking and reading. I want to share my story and perhaps gain some insight and any positive advice is very welcomed.
I am a 29f. I am in a hetero marriage to the absolute love of my life. I have known my husband since we were 6 years old. I have been in love with him since we were 12. Flat out told him so at 16. We were together a week after I turned 17. We have been together 12 years, married nearly 7 and have 4 beautiful children: 3 girls and a baby boy. He is my dream come true, so i should be elated, right?
Well, I came into this relationship with a massive amount of baggage. I was molested as a child by more than one person. Once at 3 by my half brother, a handful of times at 7 by a a slightly older neighbor boy, and for nearly a year at 10 by my grandfather. I was also assaulted (including a knife to my throat) by the guy I dated before my husband. My husband had attended my 17th birthday, which included this ex who had become so enraged at a certain point for supposedly "ignoring him" (by socializing with OUR friends) that he picked me up under my armpits and carried me to my room while I was kicking and flailing and threw me against my bed. I scream out in terror then instinctively scream out my best friend's name (my now hubs) and he barrels through the door that my pencil necked ex was attempting to barracade. My husband was already WELL over 6ft and like 340lbs back in high school (he played football) . He saved me from that monster. I was diagnosed at 19 during Round #1 of therapy with low grade, long term depression and PTSD. I have overcome my depression, and have managed my PTSD to lower its devastation. However, talking about all I've gone through started to have an effect on my libido.
I DID have an encounter with a friend of mine after I turned 18 and it was glorious. I had been having feelings of being attracted to women starting at 14 with late night Girls Gone Wild commercials...however, my mother put the kabosh on that with "Now, I understand the grays, but those "bi" people just need to pick a fucking team"
Now, I'm in therapy for the SECOND time because I was at my breaking point with self hatred. I couldnt even find a SINGLE thing I liked about myself and I knew it was time. I found an incredible sex and body positive therapist who is everything I needed. However, this has the sharp edge of making me face things, which I loathe as a completely non confrontational person. I'd rather avoid it and hope it gets better than attack head on.
My husband has suggested I am a gay woman who "happened" to fall in love with a man. Since I think penises (other than his) are gross and weird. He has also said I went from 7 to 40 and now at 29 have to start my sexual identity journey like I'm 13. And I feel that this reinforces that "I'm not good enough", which I've struggled with my entire life. When, I feel that he is my dream come true and have no need to feel attraction for another man. I certainly DONT feel like a child, I've had 4 kids after all. I DO know that I'm trying to build my self esteem and sexual desire, but I feel that he's trying to push his own views onto me. I feel that I'd love him no matter what body he was in: it's his SOUL I love, his SOUL I have felt a magnetic connection to (it DOES help he is an incredibly hunky man). But somehow, it hurts his feelings when I say penises are gross. And it makes him feel less attractive when i dont wanna drool over other men. (EVEN THOUGH, there ARE other men I have said are attractive ala Donny Wahlberg, Jordan Knight, Shemar Moore, Zach Ertz, and other Eagles linemen.
I feel that our MARRIAGE needs the attention and work right now and he keeps trying to shove me into the arms of a woman. And I feel that if it happens with a women, than awesome, but I'm not ready to seek it out. Esp, when I DO, I get the door slammed in my face. I deeply need and desire an existing relationship with a female partner. I want a bff that I can share my wins, loses, shopping, kids, and all other bff things with, but we occasionally have sexual encounters, too. I'm an emotionally attached person. Im NOT looking for hookups to just get my rocks off. I know and accept this about myself, but my husband says it's not happening bc I dont "put myself out there" enough and I lack confidence.
I'm just struggling through a dark labyrinth right now and am looking for a little light.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story ♡
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2018.08.21 15:50 Throwaway201820187 Am I wrong or is this friend extremely draining / a superficial friend ( known her for half my life).

I’ve been friends with a girl since I was in high school. She used to be just a party friend but we had a time where we became really close. In that time when I went from party friend to more of a friend friend I’ve had these incidents / realizations
• She does not like to hear when you have drama. Not in a positive - trying to help you way, more in a way that it annoys her . But if she has drama , she will vent to you. I’ve had her cut me off but when she unloads I never do .
• I’ve learned I can’t trust her. She can’t keep a secret and will throw you under the bus and lives by the saying “I hate drama “
• she can’t be happy for you. When I was making some life changes ( career, masters completion , etc) she didn’t really seem to care ( not that I need it ) but if someone else’ congratulated me she would turn jealous .
• she’s gotten very competitive . She works for a good company but in a very entry level role . Myself and a few other friends have jobs that we have worked super hard for and that we can do a lot with. Whenever we say we want new opportunities since we are in a hot market, she will get very arrogant and speak about how amazing her job is. She’s basically a cashier at a hospital.
• she never listens to my advice. I’ve never said this about her but I’ve had many people say for how unattractive she is , she acts really arrogant. Obviously that’s fucked up but eventually I realized she is ugly inside , outside looks are a reflection. She is always chasing after guys that have a certain look. Those guys usually don’t want her and use her for sex. I’ve told her to maybe give people a chance not just based on looks . She’s been making this same mistake for years and then cries that she is 34 and alone and wants love ...
• when I date someone , she always acts weird toward them. I feel because my type is different then her type ( she’s like the ginuwine/ shemar Moore swag where as I am more into cute guys ( cute to me ) casual look . Anyways she met my dude recently and was rude to him. She also when I turned around was grabbing his muscles and touching him.
I came back over sort of not paying attention and he grabbed me and kissed me . He said he didn’t like how she touched him and had to show her who’s territory it was ...
• I sometimes wonder if she has some sort of mental issues . She doesn’t seem to listen but repeats mistakes over and over and over again . She recently cried to our friend and told her if our friend finds love before her she is going to be extremely hurt .
She doesn’t want others to get it before she does . But she seems to go after a type that isn’t into her .
I’ll never forget though one time I was sad over some painful relationship stuff ( it was DEEP, I had a miscarriage and my ex moved on and got another chick knocked up) and she told me I needed to get over it .
She also told a friend who’s bf died to move on already.
I’m at my wits end with her . She’s competitive , shady , and not genuine at times ...
TL/DR; friend is very draining , wants constant advice that she never seems to take but doesn’t ever want to reciprocate friendship
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2017.11.02 22:53 StewieIsMyCat Who remembers seeing Phaedra and Shemar Moore meet on WWHL? Much chemistry! Does this mean they're dating?

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2015.06.09 18:19 Disciple888 Dat Fever

Shit's been making the rounds on other AA subs, it's time we cracked open the can of worms. Read this riveting tale about "Suzanne", a yellow sista that found herself in that unlikeliest of predicaments -- dating a weird white guy!
Cliffs: Asian sister meets charming, "dreamy" white guy on OKCupid, goes on a couple dates with him, finds out he's been keeping a whole harem of yellow girlfriends on the side, shit goes Jerry Springer
PREFACE: y'all know I love our Asian sisters. Most of my romantic relationships have been with Asian girls, and while I can't categorize a whole gender, by far the ones I've been with were generally cool, fun, smart, and sweet. This post is not directed at the majority of Asian chicks like you. This post is directed at THESE BITCHES:
Yeah, Anna Lu, I be looking at you!
So, I think it's finally time we put the whole myth of "Yellow Fever" to rest. A Disciple-oppa post would not be complete without peer-reviewed research, so let's all start with an article that should be required reading before any disingenuous dumbass spouts off bout dat fever:
After two years of serving as academic love brokers, we had data on thousands of decisions made by more than 400 daters from Columbia University's various graduate and professional schools. By combining all of our choice and ratings data with separately collected background information on the daters, we could figure out what made someone desirable by comparing the attributes of daters that attracted a lot of interest for future dates with those that were less popular.
We found no evidence of the stereotype of a white male preference for East Asian women. However, we also found that East Asian women did not discriminate against white men (only against black and Hispanic men). As a result, the white man-Asian woman pairing was the most common form of interracial dating—but because of the women's neutrality, not the men's pronounced preference. We also found that regional differences mattered. Daters of both sexes from south of the Mason-Dixon Line revealed much stronger same-race preferences than Northern daters.
An Economist Goes To A Bar http://www.slate.com/articles/business/the_dismal_science/2007/11/an_economist_goes_to_a_bar.single.html
So some economist from Columbia with way too much time on his hands studied the speed dating behaviors of 400 students at a local bar for two years, and came to the same conclusion we bros BEEN knowing: YELLOW FEVER DOESN'T EXIST, IT'S ACTUALLY WHITE FEVER THAT'S THE PROBLEM.
Two things.
Thing 1:
The term "yellow fever" was coined by David Henry Hwang. Who da fuck is David Henry Hwang? Well, he's the writer of that crazy ass play M. Butterfly.
In the Broadway production M. Butterfly, the effeminate image of Asian American men became intertwined with issues of sexuality when the lead character was a cross-dressing Chinese male spy who falls in love with a British male spy (J. Chan). South Asian American men became equated with turbans, mystics, and quickie-marts in shows such as The Simpsons and the film The Guru (Joshi, n.d.; Prashad, 2000). The Joy Luck Club became a mainstream Asian American movie that had very few, if any, redeeming Asian and Asian American men (J. W. Chan, 1998). They were portrayed as misogynistic and cheap, and their Asian American women love interests turned to relationships with White men.
Asian American Masculinity: A Review of the Literature http://men.sagepub.com/content/14/3/379.full.pdf
The term "yellow fever" comes from the writer of a play that was co-opted by White supremacy as part of their racist agenda to emasculate us. It needs to fucking die an ignominious death in an unmarked grave already, especially because IT AIN'T EVEN TRUE.
I'm not disputing that there's some creepy white losers who fetishize Asian women (so-called "Asiaphiles"), but there's no evil conspiracy of mustachioed propeller bowtie wearing white neckbeards out to take advantage of naive, unsuspecting Asian sisters. Actually, the data shows it's actually YOU who chase white men, often to the exclusion of Black, Hispanic, and Asian men. TSK TSK.
Thing 2:
Anna Lus often protest that the only reason they've dated exclusively white is because "THAT'S ALL I KNOW!" or "THAT'S ALL I GREW UP AROUND!" Well, good old professor Fisman says you're full of shit. From the actual study:
We are able to document convincingly that same-race pairings are the result of preferences rather than exposure to dating opportunities and, more interestingly, that there is a stark gender asymmetry in these revealed preferences
Racial Preferences in Dating https://www0.gsb.columbia.edu/faculty/rfisman/papers/old/RES08%20-%20racial%20preferences.pdf
NUH UHHHHHHHH SISTER. Most same-race pairings occur DESPITE the availability of other dating options. When they don't, it's often because of a gender asymmetry in preference. Don't be giving me dat nonsense, the vast majority of you Anna Lus have always had a fucking choice. You just CHOSE not to date non-White (seriously, I don't givvafuck if you crushing on Shemar Moore, JUST STOP BEING A TOKYO ROSE TO THESE POINTY HOOD MOTHERFUCKERS).
Furthermore, a lot of y'all hide behind the whole "preferences" argument. But that argument is ALSO STRAIGHT FUCKING BULLSHIT -
This was exactly Nolan's response when I suggested that his attitude reeked of racism. Like so many men with the no-Asians dating and hooking-up policies, Nolan hid behind the old "That's just my preference" excuse. He compared his not being attracted to Asians to his preferring men over women. I let that one slide because it was such a ridiculous argument. It was as misguided as equating it to digging brunettes over blondes. Both rationalizations were irrelevant. All sexual preferences are not created equal, and for Nolan to so glibly simplify human sexuality just for the sake of his weak defense against my charge of racism just made him seem deluded times two.
But if we are going to assign labels to what Nolan considered to be preferences, regardless of what determines a person's sexuality (nature vs. nurture), there is already a term in use for guys who prefer men to women -- a word as objectionable for many as being called "racist." And if there were a catchy term to describe blond-chasers, I would have coined it. "Racist" is the operative word to describe someone who would exclude someone from housing, from jobs, from sex, from love, based on ethnicity. Furthermore, no matter how people want to spin it, rejection for being of a certain race stings so much more than being overlooked because of your hair or eye color, or even your gender.
Source: "Sorry, I Don't Do Asians": The Dangers of Racial Discrimination in Dating http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeremy-helligasorry-i-dont-do-asians-the-dangers-of-racial-discrimination-in-dating_b_5647938.html
Not all "preferences" are fucking equal. They absolutely can be a result of racist ass attitudes, engendered by 100 years of social engineering by White supremacy. Get the fuck over yourselves, we are no longer gonna be taking that excuse seriously given what we know about the attempted genocide of Asian men in this country through desexualization and emasculation.
This Article provides a critical and historical analysis of the impact of U.S. immigration laws and policies in shaping Asian masculinity norms and the emasculation of the Asian male subject. The article begins with a historical introduction to immigration laws that have affected Asian Americans, particularly, Chinese immigrants. The article then examines the way in which American immigration practices and laws barred citizenship to Asian men, and in effect designated them as “other” and emblematically “non- male.” Moreover, the article discusses how United States exclusion and miscegenation laws have emasculated Asian men by restricting their access to heterosexual norms and ideals, including nuclear family relations. Finally, the article examines how economic hardships that have resulted from disenfranchisement and legalized exclusion, “feminized” Asian American men by forcing them into professions generally associated with women, particularly, in the laundry industry.
Now, back to the original article. I feel for this chick "Suzanne", but let's not freaking pretend she's completely blameless in all this. I mean, just listen to how the host Stephanie describes the FEVER:
STEPHANIE: Yeah, precisely. I mean, I get that not every (white) guy who’s dated an Asian girl is a jerk, right. Not every (white) guy is dating a flock of us at a time. But take for example my OkCupid inbox. Like a huge portion of my messages are from (white) guys going on about my race and my exotic looks and my almond eyes. And then on top of that there are actually all these strangers messaging me, trying to warn me about other (white) guys with yellow fever. Just like Suzanne and those other girls did. A few months ago, a woman I didn’t know saw an innocuous interaction I had with a (white) guy on Twitter. She wrote to me to tell me to watch out, that the (white) guy had yellow fever and would try to hit on me. And he did. And really soon after, I matched with another (white) dude on a dating website, who messaged me that he had to warn me about something and told me to call him. So I did. He asked me to modify his voice for this story.
Yeah, I had to fucking go and put (white) in front of every mention of "guy" in her quote, because that's clearly who she was referring to. Apparently, Stephanie thinks (white) guys are the only ones with "yellow fever". This begs the question: WHAT DA FUCK ARE YOU DOING ONLY DATING WHITE GUYS?????????? Come AWN, sister.
Again, I ain't here to police anybody's sexuality, but it's dishonest as FUCK to constantly complain about "yellow fever" from white guys, when ALL YOU DATE is white guys. What the fuck? How do you manage to walk and breathe at the same time, Anna, sorry, I mean Stephanie?
Look, to every outside observer on the face of this planet, it's clear as day that Anna Lus are just self-interested shills actively engaging in racist dating preferences, but then crying when they are victims of racist preferences themselves. Racism and fetishization is wrong, period, but it's hard for bros not to feel a bit of schadenfreude when the same sisters that constantly mock and dismiss the VERY REAL RACIST AGENDA OF WHITE SUPREMACY TO EMASCULATE ASIAN MEN, go on crocodile tear laced tirades about how their "preferences" are coming back to bite them in the ass. Self-hate never resulted in anything good.
So what's the solution? The gender divide in our communities seems insurmountable given the tensions that exist between Anna Lus and the bros that hate em. But, given the tons of ink that's been spilled on the blogosphere bout how "misogynistic" and "patriarchal" we are, how bout some sympathy and understanding, huh? I ain't calling for no affirmative action in dating, that's just stupid, but how about y'all join our fight against social engineering by White supremacy?
Sure, fighting something as amorphous as the "white power structure" is difficult and takes time, but you absolutely can fight the archaic shitty media representation of Asian men that's rooted in White society's century long fear of anti-miscegenation. Condemn Han from 2 Broke Girls and Ken Jeong, and demand to see more Ki Hong Lees, instead of making up stupid words like "misogylinity". Advertising matters. Ki Hong Lee ended up on People magazine's Top 100 Sexiest Man Alive after his role in Maze Runner. We need more strong, charismatic, SEXUALLY ACTIVE portrayals of Asian men in Western media. That last bit is important, because White supremacy's whole modus operandi against Asian men is specifically designed to DESEXUALIZE us, culturally and institutionally, as even our GAY BROTHERS WILL TELL YOU.
It may be too late for this generation of Anna Lus to change their minds, but we can lay the groundwork for future generations so they don't keep re-enacting the Clark Doll experiments in real life. Maybe then we can finally bury the hatchet and come to your defense when you complain bout creepy white guys on tumblr. After all, we fucking hate them too :)
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2014.02.22 13:17 marojki Watch Justice League: War Full Movie Streaming Online

Watch Justice League: War Full Movie Streaming Online, Watch Justice League: War Full Movie Stream Online Free, Watch Justice League: War Full Movie Online Streaming ↠ Justice League: War Movie Storyline Based on the graphic novel by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, seven heroes must band together for the first time to stop an alien invasion.
➨ Justice League: War Movie Detail Release Date : Casts : Alan Tudyk, Michelle Monaghan, Jason O'Mara, Sean Astin, Shemar Moore Duration : 72 minutes runtime Rating : PG-13 CLICK HERE FOR WATCH ➭ Tags: Watch Justice League: War Full Movie, Justice League: War Full Movie 2014, Watch Justice League: War Movie, Watch Justice League: War Online, Watch Justice League: War Full Movie Stream, Watch Justice League: War Online Free, Watch Justice League: War Full Movie Streaming Online, Watch Justice League: War Full Movie Stream Online Free, Watch Justice League: War Full Movie Online Streaming
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2013.07.23 01:13 tabledresser [Table] I am actor / director Shemar Moore - AMA!

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Date: 2013-07-22
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Questions Answers
If Thomas Gibson smiles, will his face crack or will it be a divide by zero thing? P.S. Your show made me choose criminology as my university major. Believe it or not, when Thomas Gibson is not being "Hotch" he is actually the biggest the joke teller of the team! He can do accents and imitate people extremely well. He loves his kids enormously and loves to show videos of them and tell jokes. But as soon as the cameras roll and the director says Action - he turns into grumpy death stare Hotch.
What is it like playing Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds? Favorite episode(s)? Favorite quote(s)? Have you read any fan fiction about Derek Morgan? If so, what are your opinions? Any interesting stories of what fans said/did to you that you can disclose? Derek Morgan is the tough guy who kicks down doors, he's the charming guy who flirts with Garcia, he's the big brother of the team. He's proud, private, has trust issues - sometimes temperamental but very loyal. He hates bullies and will always do what he can to protect those that can't defend themselves.
Any stories about what happens behind the scenes while filming Criminal Minds that doesn’t make it to the bloopers? How long does it take for you to memorize your lines? Do you use any “cheat sheets”? We are a bunch of goofballs behind the scenes. Reid is Pretty and tells jokes, Hotch does smile once in a while, JJ is sarcastic and funny, Rossi is one of the coolest people I've ever met, Blake is the hottie from Basic Instinct, Garcia is just one of a kind and my Baby Girl for life. I get pranks pulled on me all the time, the crew has scared me with bears, rats and bats.
A lot of people want the BAU team to be in relationships with each other. Who would you like Derek to be with if you got to choose? The team really is made up of brothers and sisters, it's weird to think about doing the hanky panky with the ladies on the team. Garcia has some amazing cleavage and AJ has a cute lil tush, but that's Shemar talking - not Derek.
Shemar, I love you sooo much!! I always watch Criminal Minds!! Can you say hi to me?? That'd be just AMAZING, and you'll make this day th best day EVER and the happiest of them all!!! You want me to say Hi? I want to say HEEEYYY BAAABBBYYY GIIIRRRLLL!!! How do you like that??
Do you ever use real life experiences to help you portray your story lines in the show? Whenever I have to perform emotional scenes, I draw from my own life experiences, so whatever the character is going through feels real.
Where did "baby girl" (the name you call Garcia) come from? "Baby Girl" is something I've said my entire life. I have all kinds of pet names, like Baby Boy, Pretty Boy, Sweet Cheeks, Sugar T*ts, Doll Face, Mama, Baby Mama, Wifey and a whole bunch more. I just ad libbed in a scene with Garcia in Season 1 and they kept it in the show and Baby Girl was born.
Are you fashionably late to every event? lol ;) I'm half black and there's an expression called "CPT" which means "Colored People Time" - I don't mean to sound racist, it's simply funny. So I many run a few minutes late, but when I show up it's always right on time.
Who on the show were you the saddest to see leave? It's always sad to see anybody go that's been part of your team and your life when we spend so much time together. The recent loss of Paget Brewster has been hard to get over because her energy and talent cannot be replaced.
Who do you enjoy filming scenes with the most? I have a good chemistry with all the actor. I like going head to head in intense scenes with Thomas, I like goofing with Matthew, I like talking mess with Joe in between scenes, I like running around kicking butt with AJ and she's fun to look at (just saying) and of course, all the sexual tension with my Baby Girl Garcia never gets old.
How do you handle working with such dark material day in and day out? Ever deal with nightmares, etc. from your work on CM? I don't take my work home with me. I know that I'm just playing pretend but my job and my passion is to bring the material to life and make it real for you. I'm grateful that the world that I play in is not the world that I live in. But it is fun to creep you guys out, to scare you and keep you on the edge of your seat.
Hi Shemar, do you have a celebrity crush right now? i know you said you liked Jennifer Aniston back in the day so do you have a new one? I love you so much by the way <3 from Aba. Hey Aba, All my celebrity crushes are married :-( ... I hope they are happy but if they had met me before they jumped the broom, they'd be happier than they've ever known and they would have some pretty babies.
Shemar, you are amazing on Criminal Minds! What was it like to be in the presence of Mandy Patinkin? Do you play pranks on your co-workers? If so, what kind? Working with Mandy was an honor and a lot of fun. I felt like he motivated me and inspired me to dig deeper and push myself to continue to grow as an actor. I miss him and have a great deal of respect for his talent.
Beard or no beard? Shemar likes a 5 o'clock shadow and scruff! Derek wears a goatee because it's the easiest to maintain and gives him a lil edge. If Derek was to shave off the goatee (which I'm considering), it might make him look a little too nice, and I like that Derek has a rough and tough all business facade but all you fans know he's a little softie underneath.
Ok, I'll stop swooning. Real question: what is the ranking of the various CM characters? as in who outranks who? Hotch is the BOSS. Rossi is the wise Uncle. Pretty Boy is just pretty and way too smart, Blake is Mom, JJ is the sexy baby sister, Penelope is the fast talking, big hearted reminder that we are all human and Derek is the tough, intense gentle giant.
Hi Shemar!! What is your favorite food? I love homemade cooking!! I don't cook all that well, but I bake so I'll wash the dishes and provide dessert. Soul Food, Chinese Food, Indian Food, Mexican and Italian. Thanks NOW I'M STARVING!!!
Can you dance? I plan on seeing you on dancing with that stars you know a lot of people you think it would be impossible accomplished it … it's a good idea … no really I'm kidding just thought I'd get a laugh out of you but if you consider it or offered it let us know? With a little wine in my system I can bring some old school silly moves to life. I'm no Chris Brown, but I'm a lot of fun to watch.
Hi Shemar! Thanks for doing this. Is there any chance we might see some more pranks between Morgan and Reid? There's pranks between Shemar & Matthew all the time at work, as far as Morgan and Reid - it depends on what mood the writers are in - but YES, I will find a way to make you guys laugh and pick on Pretty Boy.
Hi, Shemar! What song do you love to dance to? My favorite song right now when I wanna turn up is "Started from the bottom" by Drake.
Can you tell us more about "The Bounce Back" and what it's about? The Bounce Back is a heartfelt romantic dramedy which is a fun, sensitive and endearing reminder that we all want true love. Many of us have suffered heartache and heartbreak but if we can stay strong for and celebrate ourselves true love will always find us again. This movie is gonna make you laugh, it's gonna make you cry, it's gonna make you believe in yourself and be excited about falling in love all over again.
I think fan involvement is what makes this project so unique. Very often we count on our audience to merely see our finished product but with this process, they are part of the film. They aren't just helping fund it. They will be included in the process of making the movie through the entire process. I want my fans to feel as if they are apart of this project alongside the cast and crew - it doesn't matter if they gave $1 or $10,000. If they support me and this project, I want them to be part of this journey. I think that is a uniquely special opportunity that fans have never been given in the past and I think mine are loving being part of this ground breaking process.
If you were to have a guest star on the show, who would you like to see there? It probably wouldn't be on CM because they are established movie stars. But I would love to share the screen with Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Jeffrey Wright.
Hey Mr. Moore! 1. I love you and Criminal Minds. I'm amped for the next season! So here's my question: who is your fave costar to work with? And again, I love you :) I'm lovin on you right back baby girl ... wanna wrestle?
If you weren't an actor, what do you think you'd be doing? My original dream was to be a professional baseball player - I always dreamt of playing for the Boston Red Sox or the Oakland A's. I was really good growing up but not good enough. I'm a big believer that everything happens for a reason and cannot complain ever about the cards I've been dealt and the career and life that I'm blessed to have.
Hey Shemar! So, besides Derek, is there any other character on Criminal Minds you'd like to play? Why? I'd love to see Derek go undercover in the storyline.
Do you listen to Howard Stern? I like that Howard Stern dances to his own drum with no apologies.
Hi Shemar :) i really love the Baby Girl line and the fact some money is given to the MS charity as my mum suffers from it. what inspired you to make the line? im hoping for a hat for my birthday on thursday :) The Baby Girl line is just a fun way to flirt and keep you ladies looking and feeling sexy while raising money for to help the fight to find a cure for my mother and millions of others that are affected by MS.
I don't really have a question, but I just want to say that my mom and I always bond over Criminal Minds. You're her favorite (mostly because you have really nice arms). So thank you for being a part of that. :) Kisses and Thangs to you and Mama!! I'll make sure I stay in the gym and keep it sexy for you!
What's ur favorite episode of criminal minds. And are you and Kristen as close and Garcia and Morgan are Hey Danielle - my favorite episode would be Profiler Profiled and Restoration. The chemistry you see on the screen between Morgan and Garcia is because Shemar and Kirsten adore each other in real life.
I am French and I love série.Je read the book now Volume 2.Je'm also a fan of you, you're too beautiful and sexy I love you Shemar.Bisous of France. Bonjour Cecile! Je t'adore. Voulez vous couche avec moi ce maintenant lol lol lol!!! I love my sexy French Baby Girls!
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